There is no denying that the internet has marginalised stationery. Email is cheaper, faster, greener and more reliable than printed letter. Online documentation is easier to manage and is always up to date. Any information on the internet can be access from any device and any place, and you don’t have to worry about losing it.

There is, however, one piece of paper that is still doing well. Many tried to replace business cards with digital versions but failed, because nothing exchanges hands with such grace as a small piece of paper.

Business cards are much more important than the information they carry. They are the first step on the customer journey and need to be an integral part of your business image. They also need to me memorable and stand out. If someone is on the trade show with people offering similar services/products to you, it will make a difference how your business cards stand up to others.

Here are a few points to keep you on the track

1. Keep it simple
It’s not a place to explain what you do and even less to try to sell it. Keep the contact details to the minimum as well.

2. Consider including a photo
Some people remember faces better than names, make it easier for them to recall your meeting.

3. Stick to your branding
Tempted with the cheap templates provided by your printer? Don’t be, like any other touch point they need to part of your brand.

4. Good quality paper
Don’t save on paper. You will save pennies, but nobody will take you seriously. You can also look into different shapes of paper, but remember it still needs to fit into a wallet or pocket.

5. Interesting Finish
Rounded borders, coloured edges, raised text, spot gloss or gold foil, those are just some of the little enhancements that every printing shop offers. They are standard, so won’t break your bank, yet they are rare enough to make people look at your business card longer and distinguish it from the pile of others.

6. Modern Technology
NFC brought us an interesting spin on business cards. If you can spend extra, consider launching your website or app when the card is near the phone.


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Lukasz Gladki

Lukasz Gladki

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