Stranger Things has become one of the most popular TV shows in a very short time. The first episode premiered on the 15th of July and has since become the second most popular US tv show. It is nearing in popularity as Game of Thrones, which is a much more established title that has received over 100 Emmy Award Nominations, with several wins throughout multiple categories.

So what can we learn from its success?


It’s not the idea, but the execution that matters
The story of Stranger Things is simplistic. At its core, it is just another monster movie, but it’s how that story is told that makes all the difference.

So if you want your campaigns to be successful – pay attention to every detail on your website, poster, marketing collateral, etc. Don’t try to save money on the essentials of your success!

Know your audience

An 80’s inspired and stylized show brought tons of nostalgia for the 30-40 age group. Make sure to know your audience and what pushes their buttons.

Keep your audience engaged
Stranger Things has a great pace and it’s one of the few shows that is interesting from start to finish. The takeaway from this is – keep your prospects engaged, never lose their interest.

Think of delivering exceptional customer experience as you would of great storytelling. Make it easy and enjoyable from the initial first touch to the final thank you note. Use great design, engaging copy and best technology, to make it all smooth and memorable.

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Lukasz Gladki

Lukasz Gladki

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