Happily, writing your own website copy is easier than brain surgery – and less messy – but it does require a thorough knowledge of your market and a passion for your product or service.

Brilliant copywriters are a great resource for any business. They have the skill and experience to connect your product seamlessly with paying customers. So factoring this into your marketing budget is essential.

You’ve blown your budget? Well, don’t panic. With a plan and some imagination, you can do it yourself. Here are 5 key points to get you thinking.

1) Know your audience

This one is crucial. Without knowing who you are trying to attract to your site, you won’t be able to tailor your copy to their needs. The tone of your copy must meet the needs of your customers.

You just spent Thanksgiving at your vegan in-laws’ house. You did things you told yourself you never would, things you’ll probably never forget. Maybe for a moment, you were almost fooled by the yeast gravy and tofu turkey. But you survived.
Come back to us. Dial in the Slaughterhouse Crate for an immediate and full recovery of your carnivorous manhood.

The above copy is carefully targeted towards meat eating men and plays on every red-blooded carnivore’s greatest fear – tofu.

2) Why should I care? Tell your customers how you will change their lives

No bits. No Rubbish. Our drinks and fruit tubes for kids are just the thing to keep your little ones’ lunchboxes nice and healthy. You’re welcome.

Strong copy creates an emotional link with your customers – so it’s less about features and more about benefits. This playful copy reassures busy parents that their kids are eating healthily (which makes them happy) without unnecessary details. Remember, your landing page is the first point of contact so let your customers know how you can make them happy.

3) Simple is best Get your point across clearly

Capture a note once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices. Never worry about where you saved something because it’s in Evernote, and Evernote is wherever you are.

Remember that the attention span of web users is ridiculously short. There simply isn’t room for bloated descriptions of product and services.

Ways to make your content clear and easy to read:

  • Use bulleted lists
  • Keep your paragraphs short and relevant
  • Use headings and subheadings to break up text
  • Use ‘bossy’’ verbs to promote action – try, experience, feel, taste, test, buy
  • Avoid too many adjectives

4) ‘Hey! Why not stick around?’ Make the call to action explicit

Every page on your site should contain links to engaging content that encourages visitors to stay, thus developing the relationship – subscribe to updates, free downloads, advice, news etc. And because business is all about connections, it could be the start of something beautiful.

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See what I did here?

5) The Imitation Game – Get inspired online

We learn by imitating, so the best way to get some ideas is to see how the pros do it. And you get to surf the Net in the name of research. Here is a handful of sites that prove they really know their stuff.

‘There’s just one more thing’

Once you’ve written your content, be like Columbo – go back and check everything carefully. Sloppy copy won’t impress your customers. Professionalism creates trust, so good grammar, punctuation and spelling are essential.

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Lukasz Gladki

Lukasz Gladki

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