If you are a business owner of any kind these days you will agree you need to have a quality business website. Your site represents your image and service to the public in a way that no other medium does. You want your website to look good, read well, be easy to use, easy to find, and bring more customers to your actual service. But a website is not a simple or stagnant thing, it is a living evolving thing that needs to be maintained constantly and updated regularly. Who’s going to do it; you?

Well basically, no. Because you’ve got a business to run and you don’t want to have to learn website design to get customers to come to your office or store. But you can’t ignore the need for a website either because your competitor has one and the customers will instead go to him.

There is a perfect answer to your problems; get a fantastic website that’s perfect for your business without having to create it or look after it yourself. Here are 5 excellent reasons to choose Website as a Service instead of traditional web design offer.

Focus on running your business not your website
You started your business for a reason; because this is what you’re passionate about, and this is what you are good. If you choose a WaaS provider you can focus on the business of running your business and keeping your customers happy. Let your WaaS provider worry about the server, hosting domain, keeping your website running or keeping it up to date.

Stay up to date
Technology is constantly changing. Your website needs to evolve with it. Without you having to brush up on the latest devices or browser versions, your WaaS provider will ensure your site is continually kept up to date and will present beautifully on any screen that people use to access it.

High converting website is a process
Ensuring that you website gives you the best performance and optimal conversion rates is an ongoing process. You can’t just design a website and then leave it; it make work for you in the beginning but high conversion is a process that changes, requiring time attention and updates. You WaaS knows how to do this for you.

Better service
A contract with a WaaS provider is an ongoing relationship, meaning that it is in the providers’ best interests to continually try to keep you happy. A WaaS provider will take the time to really get to know you and your business and the image you want your website to present. A traditional web design group can just charge a lump sum and then move onto the next customer, without being concerned with your ongoing satisfaction with the performance of your site.

Better value
With traditional web design you are charged a lump sum which can be difficult in one go for a small or developing business. With a WaaS provider you pay a small monthly subscription fee for ongoing service, with a certain number of changes and updates included in that fee. With the WaaS option you get far better value for money, with a payment option that fits in far better with the cash flow of your business.

For any business owner who is not also a computer whiz, it really pays to look into WaaS hosting. This way your website is successful, working well and continuously, and always up to date. This will bring customers to you, and then you can focus on keeping them happy.

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Lukasz Gladki

Lukasz Gladki

I've been delivering websites, applications and marketing content for over 10 years. I'm there with my clients from initial brief to the final pixel and line of code. My articles are directed mostly at markeeters and business owners, trying to bridge the gap between marketing and design and how they both are a vital to any business.