This is a subject that I have discussed with many people over my career and particularly in the last few years as the move to digital has gained even more momentum.

There are two ways of looking at the cost associated with a website.

The first, is the physical cash you spend to have your website built. A custom website, can set you back thousands and many are now opting to create their own, and it isn’t just the initial build. Then there are the maintenance costs, hosting fees, SEO work and of course reporting. Plus, what happens if you need new functionality, a new release to your product or service or a new way of collecting data. you guessed it additional costs. To be successful all of the above are essential to keep your website alive, up to date and creating the best experience for your customers.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are completely unaware that there is another way… WaaS (website as a service)!

You get all the benefits of a custom-built site, designed to suit your needs and your brand but you also get monthly tweaking time built in, the ability to change and develop your website as you grow (without having to start from scratch) all for a manageable monthly fee.

This offering gives you options in the design, the flow and overall feel of your website. You aren’t tied to any restrictive templates and you won’t suffer from a slow loading website which can have an impact on your website.

This quite nicely brings me to the other side of the cost of a website. A staggering 36% of small businesses don’t have a website1 a scary prospect when you think that 45% of people do their research exclusively online2 these days.

My main focus here though is what happens when it goes wrong…. There is still a misconception about what a website should be used for, what it should deliver to a business, and what happens once your site is live.

I have heard websites recently be described as the hub or the beating heart of a business’s marketing – so why do so many of us get it wrong?

Honestly, it is down to a HUGE misunderstanding. So many of us believe that once a site is live it should deliver leads to us and if it doesn’t – they tend to be brushed aside and forgotten about. The truth is, you should show your website the same love and attention that you do to your blogs and social media platforms. Just like those, your website needs regular tweaks. I don’t mean major cosmetic face lifts but simple tweaks.

From making sure your images are all correctly tagged, that keywords are kept up to date and relevant and that the language used in your call to actions is relevant and driving people through your site to conversion. This can feel overwhelming, and if you are a small business I can see you sat there now thinking, I can’t manage that, I don’t have the time and I am certain I can’t afford it.

With a Website as a Service, you can afford it and all the above will be managed for you every single month leaving you free to run and manage your business.

If you want to know more check out they offer a tiered service dependent on your needs to ensure you have the website and support to get your business moving.

1. BMG Research and Durham University Report, September 2015
2. Google Consumer Barometer Survey 2014/2015

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